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JVx 1.0 beta-5 is available

It is available from the project page.

What’s different?

We fixed some important bugs and implemented new security checks. The new release does not have new killer features and it is more of a stabilization release. We think that the "Christkind" or maybe Santa Claus will have JVx 1.0 GA in the bag.

  • Security checks

    The MasterSession did not have a special security check for accessing the life-cycle object. If the security manager checked the login credentials as valid, it was possible to access the life-cycle object for the Master Session. The problem was that is is possible to set the life-cycle name via API, before you open the connection. It is always possible to open a MasterSession with the life-cycle object of a SubSession. But if the used security manager (e.g. DBSecurityManager) has custom access rules and does not allow the access to specific SubSessions, we had a vulnerability.

    Now the MasterSession checks the access with the security manager, in the same manner as the SubSession. The ISecurityManager interface got new methods for the access checks. The DBSecurityManger contains a reference implementation.

  • Utilities

    The Utility classes are very important for JVx, because there is power inside. We tweaked existing and added new useful methods. The external program execution works now platform independent. The FileViewer now supports Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

Check the Changelog for a complete list, and use our Forum to talk with us ;-)