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VisionX - Public Cloud is available

The current version of VisionX is available as Public Cloud version. After a short registration you get access to VisionX.

The Public version shares all available applications with all registered users. It is different to the Beta phase because the Beta version was like a private Cloud per user.

With VisionX you get a tool to create your own applications without developer skills. A dream comes true.
It is no exaggeration to say that VisionX is the world's only tool of its kind.

What features are available in VisionX Cloud?

Here are some of them:

  • A very smart WYSIWYG User Interface editor
  • Edit actions without source code (open a screen, calculate values, hide components)
  • Reporting with customizable templates
  • Complete User management
  • Role management (customize an application per user)
  • Menu management
  • Module support and API for third party modules
  • Use existing database models and create User Interfaces
  • Import spreadsheets (csv, xls, xlsx)
  • Application customization (auto login, default screen, images, ...)
  • HTML User Interface (webui)

Are you interested? Start with VisionX - now.