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Posts tagged: headlessUI

Release day - Merry Christmas

Yesterday, we've released JVx 2.4, VaadinUI 1.4, HeadlessUI 1.1 and JVx vert.x 3.0.

Headless UI and JVx vert.x are maintenance updates because of JVx changes. JVx 2.4 is a bugfix release with some new cool features and VaadinUI is a performance tuning and bugfix release.

JVx and VaadinUI are available on Maven central. The other releases are hosted on SourceForge.

What's new in JVx 2.4?

  • Thread safety

    DataBook (MemDataBook, RemoteDataBook) are now Thread safe. It wasn't guaranteed before 2.4.

  • Support for Boolean and Arrays (Oracle)

    JVx' OracleDBAccess supports Boolean DataTypes via JDBC calls and Arrays as well. We wrapped the functionality in our existing API and it makes no difference for you. Arrays are wrapped as List of IBeans.

  • Parameter changed event in WorkScreen

    The WorkScreen class got a new event: eventParameterChanged. It enables notification about parameter changes.

  • New AbstractFactory

    We introduced AbstractFactory and changed all factory implementations. With AbstractFactory, it's possible to set custom factory properties. We use this new feature for vaadin UI. With new Vaadin UI it's possible to use the old Table or the new Grid implementation. Simply set a property for that.

  • API change: IFactory

    The invokeInThread method now returns the Thread instance.

  • FontAwesome support
  • Automatic Record translation

What's new in Vaadin 1.4?

  • Based on vaadin 7.5.7
  • FontIcon support
  • Grid support (experimental)

    Set the factory property: vaadin.component.legacy_table to true (via web.xml as init parameter or as URL parameter).

  • Lazy loading of LinkedCellEditor

    Before 1.4, all LinkedCellEditors were loaded immediate. This was a performance impact. With 1.4 this was changed and data will be loaded, when needed.

  • Performance tuning

    The performance is now about 5 times faster than before. We improved the performance because we reduced our CssExtension and reduced the database calls. You can feel the new performance :)

What's new in JVx vert.x 3.0?

It's based on Vert.x 3 and works with JVx 2.4.
(JVx vert.x is hosted on GitHub)

You can find all changes in the project Changelogs.
Happy coding!

Project news [2]

This is an update of Project news.

We completely replaced our good old Java OnlineHelp (GXT version) with a new Vaadin implementation. It's based on Vaadin 7 and has some amazing new features, like full-text search. No worries, the new version supports the same file structure as our old version. The upgrade procedure is simple: Keep your structure directory and delete all other files. The binaries will be available in the next days.

We also removed all other GXT based projects because we switched the web technology. We think vaadin is the better choice and replaced our previous webUI with vaadinUI. Of course, it's not a 1:1 replacement but the first release is awesome. We'll release the binaries next week.

Our old webUI project is still alive because it contains our headlessUI. This project is still important and the base of our project and some other projects that don't need a UI. This project makes it possible to start a JVx application on server-side. If you create REST or SOAP services, our headlessUI might be the right choice?

Our vaadinUI and headlessUI are sub projects of JVx!

That's all for today!