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Some years ago, we started a project with the name OnlineHelp. It was used to create simple online help pages for applications. The project was implemented with GXT 2.1 and was really useful. It's still useful but the technology is old, and GXT is not our best friend. Of course newer versions are really fancy, but the license is not the best for commercial applications.

Some month ago, we decided to switch completely from GXT to vaadin - all our projects. The first project was our webUI and we make good progress. We're near to a first release, but we have no definite date for it (Q4/13 should be possible). The second project is the online help. We make good progress and have a first preview:

Online Help with vaadin

Online Help with vaadin

The style is similar to our new web application style but not a big change compared to our old online help, because our users like it:

Online Help with GXT

Online Help with GXT

The new style is fresh but not too much... We added some new features like full-text search and topic navigation (previous, next). It's a first preview and not more!

The project has now it's own project page and is not anymore a sub project of JVx. The license is still Apache 2.0.

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