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VisionX 5.10.851 is out

What a great day!

We're happy to announce VisionX 5.10.851

The version comes with the latest release build of our react user interface and support for our latest mobile application.

We recommend the update because it's backwards compatible and you get all bugfixes which were reported by all VisionX users.

What's new?

The main focus was on bugfixes but we alwo have two new features:

  • Configure a home screen for your application
    The home screen is always shown if no other screen is open.
  • Export a Docker definition for the application without database container

As usual, VisionX 5.10.851 is available in the download area for our customers.
Have fun!

VisionX EA 5.11.50 is available

VisionX 5.11.50 EarlyAccess version is available for all our customers.

The version contains our latest libraries and bugfixes, especially our react UI and flutter UI. Both UIs are included in VisionX 5.11.50.

The mobile Browser previewer is now built with Flutter 3.19.2.

With EA version it's now possible to create a docker container definition file only for the application server. Usually both containers were created as docker compose definition file. The EA version also tries to solve the problem with different database ports for the embedded database. It should just work without limitations.

An EA version is not intended for production use, but is great for development.

Have fun!