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VisionX EA 5.9.700 is available

VisionX 5.9.700 EarlyAccess version is available for all our customers.

The version contains our latest libraries and bugfixes. As usual, react UI and flutter UI got some updates. Both UIs are included in VisionX 5.9.700.

Our reactUI is already production ready, but it's still not the default UI for web browsers. We'll change this in one of the next releases.
The mobile Browser previewer app is now built with Flutter 3.10.4.

The EA version doesn't contain many new features, because we took time to work on something new. We can't tell you details, but it's incredibly cool!

What's next?

We plan to release an update of our mobile VisionX app with version number 2.9.0. It's already feature complete, but needs some tests. Should be ready by the end of next week.

An EA version is not intended for production use, but is perfect for development.

Have fun!