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reactUI style example

We're happy to announce that our brand new reactUI got themes and color schemes.

We have a basic, small and mobile theme and basic, dark, orange, blue color schemes. Simply mix theme with color scheme. The result will be awesome!
I's super easy to create your own theme or color scheme. We have a style example project for you.

Let's create awesome themes and color schemes ;-)

Log4j - CVE-2021-44228

No worries about CVE-2021-44228.

We have support in JVx for different logging libraries, but use Java logging API per default.
Our product VisionX doesn't use log4j(2) and the log4j2 jar file is not included.

So if you're using VisionX, you won't have any problems.
If you're using JVx without log4j2, also no problems.
If you're using JVx and log4j2, be sure to use one of the latest jdks and you won't have any problems. Also an update to latest log4j2 is recommended.