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ProjX/Applications API changes

We'll chang the API of ProjX applications for some listeners. The changes are available in our nightly/weekly builds and in our repository. Please be sure to test your applications because generic listeners won't throw an exception at compile time, only at runtime.


public void beforeOpenWorkScreen(ProjX pApplication, String pClassName, Modality pModality, AbstractConnection pConnection) throws Throwable;


public void beforeOpenWorkScreen(WorkScreenEvent pEvent) throws Throwable;


public void afterOpenWorkScreen(ProjX pApplication, IWorkScreen pScreen) throws Throwable;


public void afterOpenWorkScreen(WorkScreenEvent pEvent) throws Throwable;


public void beforeCloseWorkScreen(ProjX pApplication, IWorkScreen pScreen) throws Throwable;


public void beforeCloseWorkScreen(WorkScreenEvent pEvent) throws Throwable;


public void afterCloseWorkScreen(ProjX pApplication, IWorkScreen pScreen) throws Throwable;


public void afterCloseWorkScreen(WorkScreenEvent pEvent) throws Throwable


public void openWorkScreenException(ProjX pApplication, String pClassName, Modality pModality, Throwable pCause) throws Throwable;


public void openWorkScreenException(WorkScreenExceptionEvent pEvent) throws Throwable;


public void vetoOpenWorkScreen(ProjX pApplication, String pClassName, Modality pModality, Map<String, Object> pParameter) throws Exception;


public void vetoOpenWorkScreen(WorkScreenEvent pEvent) throws Exception;

Monitoring AddOn for VisionX

Our Monitoring tool for JVx applications is very useful for application maintenance but also for application development. It safes time, problems and costs. The tool itself is a standalone JVx application and it connects to another JVx application which was configured with the monitoring plugin. It's not a hard job to configure a JVx application for monitoring, but it's boring.

We now have a really great VisionX AddOn which does all the boring work for you. It configures your applications for monitoring and makes it possible to monitor your applications during development time. It's very helpful to find bottlenecks or to do tuning before deployment :)

The plugin comes with an additional awesome Feature, which isn't available without the AddOn. It's the maintenance module. This module allows you to switch your application(s) in maintenance mode. You could use the maintenance mode to do manual database updates, config updates or simple health checks.

We have a short demo video which shows how it works:

VisionX Monitoring AddOn

The AddOn will be available in our Solution store, but not for free. The monitoring tool needs a separate license.