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VisionX 2.4 is here

VisionX 2.4 was released yesterday! It's the biggest update since 1.5. We've spent more time for developing and testing than ever before. The new version has power under the hood. It contains everything which is needed to customize VisionX for your needs. It's possible to create your own VisionX. We have a great set of AddOns which will improve the quality of your applications and some very useful new Features.

What's new?

  • HTML5 Live Reload

    It's now possible to update the application in the browser automatically after design changes. The live preview wizard got a new option for this feature:

    Live reload option

    Live reload option

  • One-click HTML5 live preview

    The application menu got a new icon. A single click is enough to show the application in the web browser.

    One-click live preview

    One-click live preview

  • VisionX Menu

    The VisionX menu in the application has two new items:

    VisionX application menu

    VisionX application menu

    The modules screen is a complete new feature and the Live preview is now available without leaving the application.

  • Module management

    It's now possible to manage application modules. Simply install a module from the solution store or create your own re-usable application modules. The installation is super easy with our new modules screen:

    Super easy module installation

    Super easy module installation

  • Data Links

    The Designer got a new group with the name Data Links:

    Data Links

    Data Links

    All elements in the Data Links group depend on data and will update the shown value automatically on data changes.

    • The Label Control will show the current value of a specific column, as Label instead of an Editor.
    • The Selection Button will show a popup with possible values for a specific column.
    • The Filter Control requires the Profiles AddOn and allows an application user to apply and save custom filter settings, e.g. filter custom columns
  • Application frame automatically saves the last position and your application will be shown at the same position after a restart.

    The Profiles AddOn makes it possible to save also the frames within the application. Your users will love it because they can save their own desktop and continue the work after an application start.

  • Remove HTML5

    It's possible to create smaller application bundles if you remove the HTML5 feature from the bundle, via Deployment Wizard:

    Remove HTML5

    Remove HTML5

  • Customize screen generators

    It's super easy to use your own screen generators:

    Custom screen generators

    Custom screen generators

  • Multiple storages with same database table

    It's now possible to add multiple storages for the same database table. This was a limitation in earlier versions of VisionX.

All customers will find the new version in their download area!

A DropboxStorage as X-mas present

Merry X-mas :)

We have a little present for you. It's a connector for Dropbox.

The source code is available here.

It's a full IStorage implementation and allows CRUD operations to your Dropbox account. We use it for sharing dynamicly created reports and as document archive. It's very useful because your application doesn't need a mobile client to exchange data with the backend.

If your secretary creates the management report (Word, Excel or Pdf), simply modify or read it via Dropbox. It's really simple because Word and Excel are available for mobile devices. Both tools have a built-in Dropbox support and thus makes it easy to access files.

How to use the storage?

Currently, we don't have a pre-compiled lib, but simply clone the repository and use the ANT build to create your own lib.

It's simple to integrate the storage in your application:

public DropboxStorage getFiles() throws Exception
    DropboxStorage storage = (DropboxStorage)get("files");

    if (storage == null)
        storage = new DropboxStorage();
        //use "flat" style

        put("files", storage);

    return storage;

Before the storage will work, prepare your dropbox account to get an access token. It's not tricky and everything is documented.

There are some examples available as JUnit tests.

A simple Dropbox screen could look like this one:

Dropbox access with JVx

Dropbox access with JVx


Auch auf einem Entwicklungsrechner gehen irgendwann die Ressourcen zu Ende. Einem aufmerksamen Browser wie Chrome, entgeht das natürlich nicht :)

Die Entwickler dürften dabei sichtlich Spaß gehabt haben.

Chrome fun

Chrome fun