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JVx 1.2 almost finished

The current version of JVx is 1.1 and it was released in January. It's still one of the best releases, but it's time for an update :)

We had about 90 tickets and a lot of smaller changes on the roadmap for 1.2. ALL functional tickets were implemented. There are still 5 open tickets but they are nice to have and doesn't change APIs or core code. Our internal tests with VisionX and other applications work without problems. The official release day will be Friday, 4th October.

You can look forward to the next great JVx. It's the base of our upcoming Vaadin UI and our new "native" mobile applications.

The full list of changes is available here.

Some highlights:

  • Simple environment (web, mobile, headless, ...) detection because launcher knows the environment
  • Work-screens now have notifyActivate. This will be used if an already opened screen will be activated(shown) again
  • Improved Javascript bridge
  • UI controls are now per factory. This allows different UI technologies (mobile, vaadin, headless) in one war file
  • Tab activated/deactivated events
  • Server-side SessionContext allows access to Master and Sub Session
  • Support for virtual application folders
  • Databooks are now very smart (improved datasource isolation level, save and restore with different data pages, ...)