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Eclipse NEON with ANT and JRE6

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This is a follow-up post for: Eclipse MARS with ANT and JRE 6 (story).

New Eclipse version, same problem. We have an updated ant plugin for you.
The plugin was created for:

Version: Neon Release (4.6.0)
Build id: 20160613-1800

Don't forget the -clean start (read the original article for more details).

Download the plugin from here. It works for us - no warranty!

JVx 2.5 - summer release

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The next JVx release will be version 2.5. It will be available by the end of this week (beginning of July). It's a really cool release because JVx got awesome new features. We had to change the API a little bit but it shouldn't be a problem for your existing applications.

What will be interesting?

  • Push-light

    Our push support has nothing to do with Websockets. It's a technology independent solution for JVx. The Push-light mechanism is available on server-side and enables you to send objects from the server to the client. If you use a direct connection betwenn client and server, the objects wil be sent immediate (e.g. vaadin UI). If you use a serialized connection, the objects will be sent with next client call or alive check.

    The API is simple:

    SessionContext.publishCallBackResult("MESSAGE", "Please logout!");

    or, in a Thread

    final ICallBackBroker broker = SessionContext.getCurrentInstance().getCallBackBroker();

    Thread th = new Thread(new Runnable()
        public void run()
                int i = 0;

                while (isMessageLoopEnabled(i))
                    broker.publish("MESSAGE", getMessage(i++));
            catch (InterruptedException ie)

    It's also possible to publish to all clients, via ICallBackBroker.

    The client code is short and simple:

    connection.addCallBackResultListener(new ICallBackResultListener()
        public void callBackResult(CallBackResultEvent pEvent)
            if ("MESSAGE".equals(pEvent.getInstruction()))

    More details: Tickets #25, #1635

  • H2 DB support

    We support H2 with a custom H2DBAccess. The auto detection works with URLs: jdbc:h2:.

  • SQLite DB support

    We support SQLite with a custom SQLiteDBAccess. The auto detection works with URLs: jdbc:sqlite:.

  • MySql limit support


  • Life-cylcle object method inheritance
  • Pie control
  • Set individual cells of a table readonly
  • Connection retries

    We try to re-send requests, if errors occur during transmission. This feature will be available for serialized connections only.

  • Security improvements

    see Tickets: #1605, #1606, #630.

  • API changes

    ICellFormat got a Style attribute and the createCellFormat of IFactory got one more parameter

IT-Tage 2016 - I'm speaker

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Logo-itt2016-Web   I'm a speaker at IT-Tage 2016 in Frankfurt - December, 14th.
My talk will be about "JVx – Zurück zur Effizienz! "

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The full time table.