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Posts tagged: VisionX

VisionX Previewer App 2.9.0 is available

Our VisionX Previewer App 2.9.0 is available.

It's a feature release!

  • It's now possible to close a screen via menu (small x beside the text).
  • The table selection is now super fast. We removed the delay between click and select record.
  • It's now possible to change the application name
  • Linked cell editors now support concat masks
  • Improved offline sync and user messages
  • New retry feature for offline -> online
  • Html editor support for contenttype/html
  • ...
  • Bugfixes

A full changelog is available here and information about the 2.9.0, 2.8.0, 2.7.0

VisionX EA 5.9.700 is available

VisionX 5.9.700 EarlyAccess version is available for all our customers.

The version contains our latest libraries and bugfixes. As usual, react UI and flutter UI got some updates. Both UIs are included in VisionX 5.9.700.

Our reactUI is already production ready, but it's still not the default UI for web browsers. We'll change this in one of the next releases.
The mobile Browser previewer app is now built with Flutter 3.10.4.

The EA version doesn't contain many new features, because we took time to work on something new. We can't tell you details, but it's incredibly cool!

What's next?

We plan to release an update of our mobile VisionX app with version number 2.9.0. It's already feature complete, but needs some tests. Should be ready by the end of next week.

An EA version is not intended for production use, but is perfect for development.

Have fun!

VisionX Previewer App 2.6.0 is available

Our VisionX Previewer App 2.6.0 is available.

It's not just an update release, it's a release with many new features!

An impression is available here.

The new app overview makes our previewer app a multi previewer app. Use one application to manage all your VisionX applications and switch between the apps.

A full changelog is available here

VisionX 5.9 is out

What a great day!

We're happy to announce VisionX 5.9. It's a really cool version.
The exact version number is 5.9.570.

The version comes with the latest release build of our react user interface and support for our latest mobile application. We recommend react UI but we still have our good old vaadin UI on board. Our vaadin UI is still a good decision and we also continue development. No worries. As we told you in VisionX 5.8 release notes, all new cool features will be available for react UI only. In latest react UI we also bundled our latest design mode feature.

We recommend the update to 5.9 of all previous versions because it's backwards compatible and you get lots of new features and all bugfixes which were reported of all VisionX users. If we release AddOn updates, we target the new VisionX version and it's not guaranteed that old VisionX versions will get the updates.

If you plan using mobile apps, also update to 5.9 because we'll release an update of our VisionX app in the next days. This app requires VisionX 5.9 or later.

An important difference to VisionX 5.8 is that you need a valid license to use our new reactUI. If you already own a license for HTML5 applications, everything is fine and if you have problems, simply send an E-Mail to our product support. Before 5.9 it was possible to use the experimental versions of reactUI without HTML5 license. Same license restriction applies to mobile applications.

What's new?

The main focus was on bugfixes, react UI and mobile.

  • Setting favicon for reactUI (fixed)
  • Popup menus with custom actions (fixed)
  • Full-text filter with only one column (fixed)
  • Storage editor default selection of current table (enhancement)
  • Support database updates (EDB, Oracle, Postgresql) (enhancement)
  • Java up to 19+ support (enhancement)
  • reactUI production ready (enhancement)
  • VisionX app ready (enhancement)

The next version of VisionX will be a feature release with focus on usability.

As usual, VisionX 5.9.570 is available in the download area for our customers.
Have fun!

VisionX cloud update

With VisionX, it's possible to create applications in minutes instead of hours. After your application is ready, you want to use it. If you own the right infrastructure and server environments, this is an easy task. Simply deploy your application in your infrastrcuture and you're done. If you don't have your own infrastructure, no worries. With our VisionX cloud it's super easy to run your application.

We introduced VisionX cloud together with VisionX 5.6, two years ago. In January this year, we had to change our VisionX cloud because our infrastructure provider closed its services. From one day to the next we had a huge problem. No other service provider had a comparable solution for us, so we made the decision to do everything on our own. Some weeks later, we were up and running without service interruption. Our VisionX cloud is now more flexible, faster and built with open standards. It's Docker based. Our docker images are hosted on Docker hub. Our VisionX cloud uses official postgresql and our extended tomcat image. If you have your own docker infrastructure, it's possible to use our images as well.

We didn't only change the infrastructure and re-created the VisionX cloud, we also took the time and add some new features.

With next VisionX version and an update of VisionX cloud AddOn, it will be possible to access your deployment history:

Deployment history

Deployment history

The detail view will show you some metrics of your application like RAM and DISC usage:

Service details

Service details

We also improved our cloud management tool and introduced a maintenance mode. You'll see a new message:



if cloud is temporarily not available.

Our automatic deployment process is now faster than before and we improved our service monitoring. Overall, it's an awesome solution for your applications. Create and Deploy an application in minutes!

VisionX, pin to windows taskbar

Prior VisionX 5.9.120 it wasn't possible to pin VisionX to windows taskbar. Oh, yes it was possible to pin the icon but after pressing the icon, a second VisionX icon appeared. So, it didn't work. We tried to find a perfect solution, but with launch4j it wasn't possible. A switch to jsmooth wasn't an option so we tried to find a nice solution. Our current solution just works but is not perfect. It's possible to pin VisionX but not with the running process.

Here's a video to show you how it works:

UI Designer

VisionX EA 5.9.23 is available

VisionX 5.9.23 EarlyAccess version is available for all our customers.

The version contains support for upcoming release of mobile client. It contains an update of all included open source libraries and some bugfixes.

It's not meant for production use, but it's perfect for development.

Have fun!

Delivery service demo application

We're happy to announce that a new demo application is available. It's more or less a delivery service.

The demo application is not a real delivery service application! It demonstrates how to create and integrate a custom UI based on our reactUI. It's a demo application for software developers.

The full source code and documentation is available here.

Delivery service (custom UI)

custom UI (delivery service)

Simply install the application via VisionX' Marketplace and open the "next generation" live preview.
The application already contains the custom UI.

VisionX is the only tool which offers such flexible customization of applications with state-of-the-art technology. Same customization is available for native mobile (flutter) apps.

VisionX 5.8 is out

What a great day!

We're happy to announce VisionX 5.8. It's a big update with bombastic features.
The exact version number is 5.8.180.

The version comes with the latest release build of our brand new react user interface and a brand new (native) mobile application. Our react UI is an additional UI and can be used as modern alternative to our good old vaadin UI, which is still part of VisionX. We'll continue our vaadin UI and keep it as long as possible, but cool features will be available for react UI. Our react UI looks modern and is easy to style with CSS. In VisionX, the live preview contains a new design mode. The design mode makes it possible to style the application live in the browser. It's an awesome feature, simply try it out!

The design mode is an experimental feature of VisionX 5.8.
We also build our react UI daily, automatically as pre-releases. This makes it easy for you, to update react UI in your VisionX or to build your custom react UI. As long as react UI is compatible with your VisionX version, you get the latest features without new VisionX release.

But not only the react UI is brand new, also our (native) mobile client is brand new. It's still based on flutter but got a complete redesign. The new app is super fast, and supports all layout features of VisionX. To be honest, it's awesome. And we have the same update strategy for the mobile app. As long as it is compatible with your VisionX installation, it can be updated independent of VisionX. VisionX 5.8 also contains a live preview for the mobile app, directly in your web browser. You won't need a real device for the preview, but it looks like the app on your mobile device! This is so cool.

What's new?

The version got some updates for the screen designer and we improved user experience. It also contains a lot of bug fixes. The main focus was on new react UI and new mobile application.

Some visual changes

  • Hidden menu group
    Simply move a work-screen to the hidden group and it will be invisible. There are also two new move buttons in the menu management. It's now possible to move a screen directly into another group.

    Hidden group

    Hidden group

  • Anchor positions
    It's now possible to show the exact position of an element. It's also possible to change the position manually.

    Element position

    Element position

  • Number of unused editors
    We show you the number of unused editors, if you have many of them.

    Unused editors

    Unused editors

Ready for some impressions?

UI Designer

Mobile preview

Application preview (experimental)

What's coming next?

  • Full dark mode support for mobile app
  • react UI designer improvements
  • New online help

    We will replace our good old online help with a react based online help. The new online help is available on github.

  • New elements

As usual, VisionX 5.8.180 is available in the download area for our customers.
Have fun!

VisionX EA 5.8.5 is available

The current EA version of VisionX 5.8.5 is out.

We fixed a smaller bug. If you have a button beside an editor and move the editor, the layout was not as expected.
We also updated the new reactUI to the latest version.

The clear search button is now able to automatic search after clear, if enabled.

Have fun!