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Last JVx release

We think it's time to say goodbye to JVx and it's sub projects!

Because of the growing number of UI independent frameworks we think it's time to focus on new challenges. In the last months we worked hard to develop the last JVx release. The version number is now 2.0 and it is our last release.

We had some discussions with partners and developers about the future of JVx and we decided to move over to Eclipse RCP. It absolutely makes sense because the codebase of Eclipse RCP is very clear and the technology is easy to learn. There is enough documentation and the platform is well known.

We migrated all our projects to Eclipse RCP and are very happy with the results because everything is now based on Maven and we now have well organized sub projects. Instead of one small project we now have one Maven module project, a client, a server and a business logic project. The build customization is so comfortable and build scripts are now extremely short.

There's only one thing left to say: Thanks for your support!