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VisionX integrates pgAdmin III

With VisionX 2.0 it'll be possible to access the embedded database directly with an integrated database editor. We use an existing tool with the name pgAdmin (see developer site). It's a very popular tool, especially for PostgreSql users.

Here's a screenshot of the integration

pgAdmin III

pgAdmin III

The tool will be available in every application and the menu item will be available in Edit menu.

The tool pgAdmin is open source and was not developed by SIB Visions! It was integrated for better database support and for all database lovers.

VisionX 1.2 preview III

VisionX 1.2 will be VisionX 2.0 because it's more than just a minor update. It's too powerful for 1.x and has awesome new features. We have so many new features and didn't release smaller version updates... but we started with weekly builds for our customers in decemter 2013.

Most of our customers have access to early release versions with all available features. This is not usual for product development companies, but we develop high quality software and take the risk :)

We've releasd a bigger update of VisionX with the version number 1.2.136 in december for all our customers. So please check your download areas.

Some new features for the next weekly build will be:

  • New data editor
    Edit a dataobject The new data editor supports more than one column in drop downs. It offers an advanced mode for customization of column names, table names and datatypes.

    It's powerful but still as simple as the old one.

    This thing rocks!

  • Templates for new applications
    Application template It'll be possible to create templates for new applications.
  • Templates for new work-screens
    Workscreen template It'll be possible to create templates for new work-screens.
  • Screen template with header and footer
    Header and Footer VisionX includes a custom screen template that has a header and footer panel.
  • New customizer for fixed screen size
    Fixed size It's possible to set a fixed size for a screen.
  • New customizer for styled screen
    Customizer It's so easy to customize the new screen template.

We have more amazing features, that covers reporting and new JVx features. If you have access to VisionX' nightly builds, simply check the changelog of VisionX and ProjX for details.