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Posts tagged: ERP

Demo ERP 1.1, iOS & Android App updates

First, we've released version 1.1 of our Demo ERP application. The full source code is available on SourceForge. It doesn't have more features than 1.0 because it's a simple lib upgrade release with improvements for developers.

The now contains the whole project structure and not only the source files. Simply unzip the archive, import the project in your Eclipse IDE and start the DemoERP.launch file (sure, DB must be configured manually). The archive contains small README files with additional information.

We fixed code signing problems and you shouldn't have any problems with DemoERP.war. So, simply deploy the war and open http://localhost/DemoERP/web/ui in your browser (see README).

The release contains our latest vaadinUI based on 7.4.5 and our latest lib. The mobile lib was needed for our updated mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Yepp, we've new apps in the stores (still native but not based on JavaFX). The apps have a buch of new features like custom view styles (based on style property of JVx), image viewer/editor or the new Form view. But the biggest improvement was offline support. It's now possible to switch to offline mode and back to online mode. Sure, we sync your offline data!

It's an awesome feature because it's a generic solution and you don't have to change anything in your application. It simply works!

Both applications have the same features but system specific.
Here's the iOS link.
The Android app via Google Play.

Both apps work great with latest VisionX releases and simply use it to test your VisionX application - LIVE - without redeployments - on your mobile devices!

Our brand NEW Demo application is online

Our good old showcase application was the first JVx application, developed in 2008. It showed some features of JVx but wasn't a real-world application. And of course, it was a small application :)

Some month ago, we decided to create a new real-world application. And what's better for JVx as an ERP system?
So we developed an ERP application :) It's not too feature-rich but demonstrates the full power of JVx.

It's the first application that contains all projects around JVx. The application runs as Java Applet, Webstart (applet or application mode), HTML5 (based on vaadin 7.1), mobile REST server for mobile clients (native iOS and Android) and our rewritten Online Help. Oh, and the built-in JVx REST interface. The application is a multi-user application with a user/role management.

The ERP system demonstrates a real-world Single Sourcing approach. A fat backend with a smart frontend and it supports mobility strategies.

If you want more information about JVx and UI independent application development, visit our talk at W-JAX (Tuesday, 10:15 to 11:30, room Lillehammer)

Thanks Stefan for your great work!

Try out our new application: (Applet) (vaadin based) (vaadin based)

Use following credentials (Username = Password):

Manager: manager
Sales person: sales

The whole source code of the application is online and available on SourceForge.

Feel free to send us your feedback!