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Posts tagged: DOAG

DOAG 2018 - Low code

Let's talk about VisionX and Low Code Development at DOAG 2018
We're waiting for your questions ;-)

DOAG 2018 - I'm a speaker

I'm a Speaker I'm a speaker at DOAG 2018 in Nuremberg. It's the 5th year in a row :)

My German talk will be about

Approval process as a web and native mobile app

The talk is a practice report about using a Low Code Development Platform to create a Workflow for Web and (Web/native) Mobile apps.

DOAG 2017

Auch in diesem Jahr sind wir wieder auf der DOAG anzutreffen. Details zur Veranstaltung.

Neu ist, das wir mit 3 Vorträgen vertreten sind:

  • Transformation: Fachbereich & IT digitalisieren gemeinsam
  • Low Code Plattform – A Web & Mobile UI Live Coding Session
  • Pimp your Forms - Forms Modernisierung mit Java

Nähere Details zu den Vorträgen, sind demnächst im Vortragsprogramm zu finden.

DOAG 2016 - I'm a Speaker

I'm a Speaker I'm a speaker at DOAG 2016 in Nuremberg.
My talk will be about "JVx introduces itself. Back to efficiency"

SIB Visions at DOAG

JavaFX mobile

JavaFX mobile

Today is the last conference day and we had our second talk.
The title was: Mobile applications with JavaFX

We described how a JavaFX desktop application could run on a mobile device without any changes but with mobile user experience.

Thanks to JavaFXPorts it was very easy to realize this use-case.

If you have time and want to talk about JavaFX, JVx or VisionX visit our booth and push our buzzers.

SIB Visions @ DOAG

SIB Visions @ DOAG

The talk about MS Office as Report designer was on Tuesday:

Reporting design with MS Office

Reporting design with MS Office

We showed how we use MS Office to create Report templates and fill the templates with data. It's super easy for an end-user to create a custom report becasue MS Office is well known and easy to use.

We use this template mechanism for our customers and it's a super easy and fast solution.

Lets create a comples Report in minutes without additional coding effort. Simply use MS Office and layout your Report. The fill-in mechanism just uses your template.

DOAG 2015 - Two talks

DOAG 2015 will be in Nuremberg this year. The conference starts at November 17 and ends at Nov 20.
This year, we have two talks. The first one will be about mobile application development with JavaFX and the second talk will be about MS Office as Report Designer. Both will be in German!

We have a big surprise for all attendees. It's a .... :)
Okay, it's not really funny without details, but it's a surprise!

For all those, who don't want to wait

We'll demonstrate the power of JVx and VisionX with a super cool showcase. Visit our booth and have fun!
Here's a screenshot of a new JavaFX mobile application. This application is one element in our showcase....

eTV portrait

eTV portrait

eTV landscape

eTV landscape

Above application is a simple JVx (standalone) application. This means that JVx server runs in the same application.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about our showcase and to listen to our talks.

DOAG 2015 - I'm a speaker

2015-K_A-Banner-Speaker-180x150-ENGL   I'm a speaker at DOAG 2015 in Nuremberg.
My talk will be about "Mobile applications with JavaFX"

Read more.

I'll show you some really cool things with JVx and JavaFX on mobile devices. Let yourself be surprised.

DOAG 2014 - I'm a speaker

2014-Development Banner-Speaker-180x180   I'm a speaker at DOAG 2014 in Dusseldorf. My talk will be about "Rapid development - Oracle Forms and Java united"

Check the schedule at 3:30 pm Schnell entwickeln! Vorteile von Forms und Java vereint.

I'll show you how you can develop ERP Applications with Java and embedd them into your existing Forms. You'll see how both worlds work together. Don't miss well known Features of Oracle Forms. I'll show you that Java has the same features and more. If you want to know more about fancy Forms - listen to my talk.