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JVx reads Twitter

We have a lot of useful features in JVx. It is very easy to develop multi tier applications, two tier applications or simple desktop applications - started as RIA, Web or Standalone application.
Every tier is technology independent and does not require third party frameworks. We can use every useful framework to create business logic.

But we don't have a lot of connectors out-of-the box (at the moment). There are a lot of technologies out there, e.g. NOSQL, Cloud services, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, REST, ...

Not all technologies are useful for business apllications, but it is a lot of fun to work with new technologies :)

We spent some hours to develop a simple Twitter client (rather a connector) to read/delete/insert Tweets. The result can be seen here:

Twitter client with JVx

Twitter client with JVx

What we did?

  • Created a new Storage, called TwitterStorage
  • extended AbstractMemStorage
  • Implemented loadData, insert, delete and getRowDefinition
  • used twitter4j

After 290 lines of code we were finished. The standard RemoteDataBook works perfect with the new Storage (full support for filtering, sorting, master-detail relations).

JVx release schedule

The last release of JVx - 0.8 - was published on 11th October. But when is the release date of JVx 0.9 and later?

We defined following release cycles for the upcoming versions:

  • GA release cycles of 6 months.
  • We don't publish alpha versions/nightly builds.
  • Beta versions every month (no fixed intervals). The first beta version of the next release will be available 1 month after the last GA release.
  • Developer builds are possible with the source code from our repository (ant build files are included).

For the JVX Release 0.9, this means:

  • Next Beta: first week of December (No Beta version for November)
  • Next GA release in March/April 2011

This is our current schedule.
We are open for discussions to optimize our approach.

Offizieller Bericht über die Jungunternehmer Österreichs

Wenige Tage nach der Prämierung wurde nun ein kurzer Bericht über die Veranstaltung, vom Veranstalter GEWINN, verfasst.

Hier geht es zum Bericht.

Jungunternehmer Österreichs 2010 - Platz 37

We made it to the top 40!

SIB Visions GmbH reached the 37th place of the contest "GEWINN Jungunternehmer Österreich - 2010" from 1000 submissions!

Today is party time at SIB Visions :)

Our Open Source Project "JVx - Enterprise Application Framework" has made it possible!

37th place

Austrian young entrepreneurs, 37th place