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JVx release schedule

The last release of JVx - 0.8 - was published on 11th October. But when is the release date of JVx 0.9 and later?

We defined following release cycles for the upcoming versions:

  • GA release cycles of 6 months.
  • We don't publish alpha versions/nightly builds.
  • Beta versions every month (no fixed intervals). The first beta version of the next release will be available 1 month after the last GA release.
  • Developer builds are possible with the source code from our repository (ant build files are included).

For the JVX Release 0.9, this means:

  • Next Beta: first week of December (No Beta version for November)
  • Next GA release in March/April 2011

This is our current schedule.
We are open for discussions to optimize our approach.

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