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JVx application with Vaadin launcher on iPad mini

For those, who don't know why the world needs single sourcing and only one framework for backend/frontend/mobile, we have a new use-case!

It's a new application that has different user groups. The first group sits in the backoffice and configures/crunches data. This user group needs a powerful backend application that supports fast (mass) data manipulation. The second user group are end users. This group needs a fancy web based application because an application must be cool and browser based (nowadays).

If you'll develop such an application with different UI frameworks and different technologies (Java, HTML, Javascript), different ORM tools, and for different browsers, clients, OS', you'll need time and a lot know how and maybe many developers.

Wouldn't it be great to use one framework that is powerful enough? The framework shouldn't be restrictive because we (software developers) want to be flexible and include our preferred libraries. No worries, JVx is flexible, small and is not restrictive.

If you develop your application with JVx, you have no problem with different platforms and devices. A JVx application runs as desktop application, in your browser as html application, on your mobile devices as html application and on your mobile devices as native application.

But enough advertising, lets look at the application. First, the backend application:

Video Backend

Video Backend

And the frontend, as video (video speed it's a little bit slow because it was recorded via Wi-Fi):

JVx frontend application

(The video shows our new maximize option, because mobile devices have limited space)

Above applications are not two separate applications. It's only one application with different users and roles. It looks different as desktop application than as web application. The only framework you need to know is JVx. It's not needed to be a html/javascript developer.

The framework is still simple and don't code multiple applications for different devices/platforms. Save time and be happy!