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JavaFx 2.0 - TableView connected to a Database

We made some tests with TableView and missed productivity features like Load-on-demand and database support. So we tried to use our DataBooks with a TableView. We need a TableView that is re-usable and shows data from remote storages like databases or csv files. It should support multi-column sorting and of course, load records on demand. A nice feature would be support for edit data without boilerplate code.

Our first simple use-case: Show records from a database table

The result:

TableView with IDataBook

TableView with IDataBook

The implementation is not finished and is more a PoC, but it works great! The source code is available here.
It is also possible to edit data, but the different datatypes are not yet supported!

Simply use the table view to show dynamic content. Allow editing without additional source code. Don't re-invent the wheel again!

The source code of the test application is available here.

2 Responses to “JavaFx 2.0 - TableView connected to a Database”

  1. You might be interested in the side project Johan Vos and I developed called DataFX:

    We would love to expand it with things like on-demand lists and database support, but it is just a matter of limited time. I hope we get there sooner or later.

    You may also be interested in the pre-built cell factories also.

  2. rjahn says:

    The project is very interesting and the idea goes in the right direction - simplify the usage and reduce source code! I wonder why such concepts are not integrated in the core. The supported project RedFX is also nice because some ideas are very similar to JVx.

    I must try the library to find out if it is dynamic enough. The source code would be helpful, because - in my opinion - it is the best documentation.

    The project is in good hands :)

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