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VisionX store - Test phase!

Our VisionX store is now available for selected customers.
It'll be included in VisionX starting with version 2.0.28 and should work out-of-the-box.

The final UI will look like:

VisionX Solution store

VisionX Solution store

We'll offer free applications, modules and addons but also paid content for customers with a valid license. The first application is our Demo ERP which shows the full power of VisionX because it contains reports, a lot of actions, charts, a tree and will run as desktop, web and native iOS application.

The server-side of the store was developed with standard JVx and the client as well, but the client isn't available without VisionX. It's possible to host your own VisionX store in your own environment, but this feature needs a separate license.

Have fun ;-)

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