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New VisionX feature for developers

This new feature is especially for all Oracle Forms developers :)

It will be possible to configure existing DB storages and create new storages. The feature will be added to the data area of VisionX:

Storage edit button

Storage edit button

The new wizard will show the default SQL statement and it'll be possible to change the statement:

Edit DB storage(s)

Edit DB storage(s)

This new wizard is not useful for end-users because only developers should change SQL statements. Because of that, it won't be available for all VisionX users - it depends on the license.

The new wizard has some additional features like moving a DB storage from screen-level to session level which is like a global storage. You can create DB storages without creating a RemoteDataBook. Such storages will be available as source for drop-downs in the data edit wizard, like Views or Tables.

The new feature-set will make you happy!

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