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JVx SwingUI extensions

JVx defines a technology independent User Interface, with Interfaces. Each technology has to implement this interfaces for its components and controls, to be compatible with JVx. We have implemented all this interfaces for Swing.

In addition we have created some swing components with special features for business applications. This components are simple extensions to existing swing components and are supported from any Look and Feel. They can be used in any swing application with or without the whole JVx framework.

We will show here some of this components:

  • DesktopPane with tab or frame mode

    Switch between tab and frame view, Closable tabs (works with java 1.5 and is LaF independent), Drag and Drop Tabs, Tab navigation with keyboard, Modal frames, Background image.


    Frame mode

    Tab mode

    Tab mode

    Desktop Background

    Desktop Background

  • ComboBoxes with user-defined popup components

    A base implementation of a ComboBox called ComboBase. With this combo you can build your own ComboBox for e.g. input first and last name in separate fields. We implemented a date chooser and a table selector (header is:

    Date Combo

    Date Combo

    Table Combo

    Table Combo

  • Table with load-on-demand model and ready-to-use cell editors/renderers

    A table which uses an IDataBook implementation as model (e.g. MemDataBook) and shows cell editors and renderers dependent of the cell data types, e.g. a table with image renderer and multiple choice editor/renderer

    Table with renderer and editor

    Table with renderer and editor

    Following editors/renderer are available: Text, Number (only numbers are allowed), Date, Multiple Choice, Image
  • Button

    A standard button and a toggle button with support for mouse-over borders.

  • Icon

    A special icon which supports image stretching and alignment.

Our implementation includes not only Swing components. It also contains some useful layouts:

  • FormLayout

    Anchor based layouting. Supports margins, stretching, gaps, ... It is designed for simple and complex forms.

  • BorderLayout

    Supports margins.

  • SequenceLayout

    Supports component stretching, component orientation, intelligent wrapping.

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