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Some hours after Plat_Forms 2011

The Plat_Forms contest 2011 is over. We are proud to have participated.

Working together was really fun:



The task (Conferences and Participants) was very interesting and we tried to use our JVx WebUI for the implementation (somewhat riskily, but an interesting challenge).

The user interface was not a real problem, of course the WebUI needs some additional features, but it is ok. On the other side, we had problems with the REST service implementation because we tried to solve it very dynamic, to be reusable for JVx.
But there was not enough time to finish the implementation. And last but not least, we damaged the REST authentication during the last possible deployment. That means that our REST service does not work - very frustrating... but we had a lot of fun.

We know that our solution has some problems, but the usage of the framework during the whole contest was really fun. And we used our single sourcing mechanism for development: We developed with our Swing Launcher and deployed the app as Ajax/HTML application - it worked great.

We give a first insight into our result (the design did not matter):

SIB Visions - Plat_Forms 2011

SIB Visions - Plat_Forms 2011

The Web interface is competitive, even if it was not designed for the creation of content management systems:) For classical web development, we need a different application style, but that has nothing to do with the technology behind.

Now we look forward to the results of the Jury.

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