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JVx 0.9

We proudly present JVx 0.9!

This release of JVx contains about 190 changes :)

Originally we wanted to move some features to 1.0 because they needed a considerable amount of time, but we kept them for 0.9 because each feature is great and saves a lot of work... And now, some months after JVx 0.8 we have a very powerful JVx with tons of new features, performance improvements and still very simple and small. We don't know a framework with approximately the same features as JVx which is about 900Kb. If someone knows a framework, please let us know!

And before we continue with some new features, many thanks to all the database vendors ;-) We had a lot of work with different Standard interpretations (quoting, case sensitive, OS differences, imcomplete JDBC implementations, ... )

What's new? ...too much to describe everything in one post, but let's start:

  • Database
    • Manual quoting via DBStorage, if you need specific database features and don't change the database
    • Automatic quoting via DBStorage, if you plan to change your database or if you use a storage for different databases
    • Change your database(s) without changing you client code read more...
    • Use existing java.sql.Connection instances to create DBAccess instances
    • PK, FK, UK detection with or without JDBC driver, when needed (DBAccess dependent)
  • Server
    • Introduced DBCredentials and DataSourceHandler to change DB connections without changing source code read more...
    • Default storage implementation for automatic caching (AbstractCachedStorage)
    • Default storage implementation for memory data (AbstractMemStorage)
    • Server side triggers and POJO support for storages read more...
    • Use custom SessionManager and ObjectProvider implementations
    • Global meta-data caching
    • Better Exception handling for debugging
  • User Interface
    • Simple charting
    • Default layouts for Container
    • Save UIImages
    • Changed automatic (master/detail) link editor visibility
    • Introduced TreePathFinder
    • login/logout event handler for applications
    • Modern Message layout
    • Border on/off option for TextFields
    • Translation for Cell Editors (e.g. Date/Time Picker)
  • Utilities
    • Added FileUtil.replace,, FileUtil.unzip, FileUtil.copy (directories and files), FileUtil.move, FileUtil.delete (directories and files)
    • Added StringUtil.getCharacterType, StringUtil.getCaseSensitiveType, StringUtil.replace (faster than String.replace)
    • Added <XmlNode>.toString(boolean), <XmlNode>.getXmlValue, <XmlNode>.indexOf (deep search)
    • Added CommonUtil.getFirstCause, CommonUtil.equals (supports null comparison)
    • Added ResourceUtil.getResource and ResourceUtil now supports different ClassLoaders
    • Added simple namespace support for XmlWorker
    • XmlWorker has a new option for writing line-feeds between tags
    • Added <FileSearch>.searchFirstFile and support for file/directory pattern search

The above list contains only some cool changes. You find the complete list in the Changelog.

But that was not all.... We added some new features to our WebUI and released the second beta, which is fully compatible with JVx 0.9.

Our Showcase application is up-to-date and uses JVx 0.9 and WebUI 0.8 beta-2.

And last but not least, we look forward to your feedback!