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Cloud IDEs

Our VisionX is not an IDE, it is designed for end-users. Of course, everything in VisionX is Source Code driven, but that is behind the scenes. Application Source Code is not relevant for end-users but very important for developers. An application export/import is included in VisionX and because of that a developer can work with preferred IDEs. But sometimes it would be great to change the application source code without IDE, direct in the browser.

There are some first attempts available in the web, for Cloud IDEs. Our favourite ones are

  • Orion

    It is an Eclipse project and tries to bring some parts of Eclipse to the browser. Currently it does not support Java development because its focus lays on Javascript. A big advantage is that you can download Orion and install it on your own Server.

  • Cloud-IDE

    It is currently in a closed beta phase, but the feature list looks very powerful. It supports Java development and looks like Eclipse light.

  • Others

    There are a lot of other Cloud IDEs e.g. Bespin, Cloud9 IDE, Coderun Studio, Kodingen, ... But they have no support for Java.

For VisionX it is important that a Cloud IDE supports Java. Currently only Cloud-IDE has support for it. Let's see how things evolve.

We don't plan our own IDE for VisionX applications because there is no market for another IDE. But we plan to integrate VisionX into other IDEs and/or support Cloud IDEs.

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