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VisionX public beta starts

Today is a great day for us! We launch VisionX as public beta.

VisionX is available as installation in the cloud, even if it was not yet fully optimized for the Cloud. Some options could still be better adapted to the Cloud, but VisionX is not only a cloud tool. It is designed for Intranets or desktop PCs too.

The launched version allows application creation, screen design with a great visual designer, database object creation, help and specification creation. It is possible to export an application as eclipse project and import an external application archive into VisionX. The installation on remote application servers is also available. But of course, we have some limitations and not implemented features.

The caching is completely disabled because we want to gather real-world performance data. Because of that, VisionX needs some extra time after login, the application start or during visual design. But the performance is still quite acceptable.

Some important features like search/filter, actions, edit menus, user management are still in development and are disabled. We will activate the disabled features in the course of the coming weeks.

Use the registration form to get access to VisionX.

We look forward to your feedback ;-)