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VisionX - Some impressions

With VisionX, we make it possible to create business applications without developer skills. We are often asked, how that is possible.

Our answer is always the same - keep things simple and use a language that a user understands.
Most things in VisionX are done with wizards, because it is the easiest way to give the user an overview.

We want to show you some impressions:

User management

User management

  Manage your users

Create new users, edit existing users,
assign roles...

You don't need an administrator to
enable the access to your application!



  Create your own actions

Show a report on button click,
Send an e-mail when the invoice
state is changed, ...

Define your own processes - without developer



  Create custom reports

You need a list of all orders, customers or

Create a standard report, change and use it. Don't learn how to use a new reporting tool, use your existing office solution!