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Howto Videos

In the last weeks, we talked long time about VisionX Support, Tutorials and Videos. What should we use? A Forum, a mailing list, a Ticketing system, ...?

We use a Forum for JVx support and think that it was a good decision because the communication works and we don't forget our tasks. So we think a Forum for VisionX related questions is also a good choice. For bug reporting, the best choice is a ticketing system and we are very happy with our Flyspray system.

We don't like mailing lists. Sometimes it is comfortable to send an email and use the mail client for communication because it is in use, all the day. But online search interfaces are awful and links to mailing lists are not very cool.

What about product documentation?

Who wants to read a lot of text? We don't want it.
We decided to use a lot of short Howto Videos (30 seconds to 1 minute), some intro texts and a lot of screenshots.

The first videos are online on our YouTube channel.
Please check them and give us your feedback.

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