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Flyspray as Ticket/Support System

Every (open source) software project needs a tool for bug reporting. Without such a tool it is hard because you need spreadsheets or mailing lists to manage todos. I think every developer knows why such tools are used ;-)

There are a lot of bug reporting tools like Bugzilla, JIRA, trac, Mantis, ... There are also a lot of project management tools with built-in ticket systems like Redmine.
It depends on your needs, if you develop open source or commercial software, the available money, ... which system is best suited.

We evaluated some systems and decided us for Flyspray.


We need a bug tracker that

  • is also a change request management tool
  • should be used from our customers (end-users)
  • should not have tons of configuration options
  • should be commercially useable
  • should be open source
  • should be easily adaptable
  • should allow custom styles/themes
  • should be template based
  • should not waste development time

Many points have been met from different tools, but the popular tools were too complex or heavy weight. Flyspray is different, because it focuses on the basics. One of the problems are custom styles/themes. It supports custom themes but it does not support custom site templates.
But it offers most features that a professional system should have, it is small and easily adaptable - compared to other tools. And the tool is not only for developers. An end-user can handle it.

We knew that the system needs some tweaks. We added support for

  • custom site templates (per project)
  • custom mail templates (text, html, ..)
  • enter officer for a ticket (group setting related), add effort (per ticket, per comment), add internal comments
  • added a switch that disables global priorities/severities,status, ...
  • set severity colors via database per project (instead of css)

This are some of our changes. We also fixed some layouting problems and created custom themes/templates.

If you are interested, look at our Flyspray installation:

SIB Visions Theme:

Different style/site templates: (WebUI)

If you are interested, leave a comment.

7 Responses to “Flyspray as Ticket/Support System”

  1. saritha says:

    Plz send me more information about flyspray and its working and How to Install flyspray...

  2. rjahn says:

    More information about Flyspray is available at

    For installation, see

  3. Harold says:

    Can you send me more information on integrating Flyspray as a bug tracking system for Testlink.

  4. rjahn says:

    Sure, some screenshots are available:

    What do you need?

  5. Harold says:

    The source code to bridge Flyspray and Testlink.


  6. rjahn says:

    The source code is available here:

  7. Harold says:

    Thank you very much!

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