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JVx' Maven Archetype

JVx is available in all public Maven repositories and we added a JVx Application Archetype that creates the whole project structure for you. Use our archetype and you'll get a full configured JVx' Application - in few seconds.

The archetype:

  GroupId   com.sibvisions.jvx
  ArtifactId   jvxapplication-archetype
  Version   1.1.5

Use your preferred IDE to create your JVx project. The archetype will create 4 new Maven projects. The first project is the master project. It references 3 modules. The first module is the client, the second one is the server and the third one is a war module.

The client module/project contains all UI relevant classes like Application and Screens. The server module/project contains the business logic of your application. The war module/project creates a full functional web application archive (war) and allows you to publish your application with Eclipse WTP.

The client project contains a preconfigured JVx Application with one simple work-screen. It contains the class MainApplication which contains a main method. Simply start MainApplication and login with username (admin) and password (admin). The application doesn't need a database because it uses a XmlSecurityManager and an AbstractMemStorage. It only is an example application and not for production use!

Use the war project to create deployable war files. We've used it successfully with e.g. Tomcat. After deployment, simply open the application URL - http://localhost/firstapp - (replace firstapp with your application name) and login. The application is also available via JNLP - http://localhost/firstapp/application.jnlp.

If you want to test your desktop application with your application server, e.g. Tomcat with Eclipse WTP, simply change the connection in your application. The default connection is a DirectServerConnection. This means that client and server run in the same VM. If you change the connection to HttpConnection, a remote server will be used. An example is available in the application source code.

The JVx Application Archetype creates a full functional 3tier application. It's preconfigured to run as desktop application and with an application server like Tomcat. Don't think about project creation and directory conventions. It simply works!

Have a look at an example project:

Standard application

Standard application

Eclipse projects

Eclipse projects

Watch following video to see how it works:

JVx' Maven Archetype

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