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VisionX 2.0 - this week

VisionX 2.0 is ready!

We're happy to announce that VisionX 2.0 will be available in the next days. Our last tests were successful and everything is green :)
The new VisionX is so amazing. It bundles all our open source frameworks in one tool and shows how application development should be - Fast and simple.

You've never created a multi platform application as fast as with VisionX.

VisionX 2.0 is more than just another RAD tool. It bridges the gap between end users and developers. If you're not a software developer, use VisionX like Excel and if you are a software developer, just use VisionX for all the boring stuff like UI design, Documentation, Help creation, Database design, Project setup, ...

Don't waste valuable time - simply use VisionX.

What's new in VisionX 2.0?

We have an uncountable number of new features, but some are

  • Your applications will run in modern browsers - with Html5
  • Excel reporting
  • XML reporting
  • Import your reports (offline data capturing)
  • Use your application on mobile devices
  • Use your application as Liferay portlets
  • Live Preview of your applications as Liferay portlets
  • Live Preview as Html5 application and on mobile devices
  • Create your own VisionX AddOns
  • Integrate Custom controls
  • More actions
  • Developer documentation
  • Form validation support
  • Tree support
  • Integrate any Vaadin AddOn
  • New data wizard with simple and advanced mode
  • SOAP interface for importing reports
  • Mobile API, Designer API
  • Seamless Eclipse IDE integration for your applications
  • PostgreSQL as database system
  • Integrated pgAdmin
  • Application template support
  • Screen templates
  • Support for the new Security mechanism of Java applications
  • Your applications will be based on Open Source Software

The list is not complete because we have about 500 Tickets in VisionX 2.0.

More information will follow in the next weeks.

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