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VisionX RnD news - IDE integration

We want to tell you some fantastic news from our RnD team: The next big step for VisionX will be an IDE integration feature.

Our team is working very hard to reach the goals. The result will be an Eclipse plugin that connects to VisionX and allows bidirectional communication. We won't embedd VisionX in Eclipse because it makes no sense for us, but we'll use the whole power of the IDE.

What will be supported?

  • Event links (Eclipse)

    A click on an event action string will jump to the right method.

    databook.eventValuesChanged().addListener(this, "doValuesChanged");

    The click on doValuesChanged will jump to the method in the work-screen.

  • Call links (Eclipse)

    A click on an action/object call will jump to the right method, in the right life-cycle object.


    The click on getLicenseInformation will jump to the method in the life-cycle object.

  • DataBook links (Eclipse)

    A click on the name of a databook will jump to the storage definition, in the life-cycle object.

    RemoteDataBook rdb = new RemoteDataBook();

    The click on users will jump to the DBStorage definition, in the the life-cycle object.

  • Auto completion (Eclipse)

    We'll offer auto completion for table columns, event methods, action/object calls, ...


    It'll be possible to get a list of all available columns, like DESCRIPTION.

  • Column checks (Eclipse)

    We'll check if all column names are valid and will show compiler warnings/errors.

  • Jump to Eclipse

    It'll be possible, with VisionX, to jump to the source code of e.g. actions, component definitions or databooks in Eclipse. We'll introduce some new Buttons in VisionX, for that feature.

    VisionX E-Plug

    VisionX E-Plug

  • Jump to VisionX

    It'll be possible, with Eclipse, to highlight selected GUI components directly in VisionX.

No worries, we have more features for you!

The IDE integration will be available as optional VisionX module.