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Eclipse Plugin - EPlug

Our first Eclipse Plugin for JVx and VisionX will be available in a few weeks. We're feature complete and are in the internal test phase. We're extremely surprised about the productivity boost. With VisionX it's currently possible to create and deploy professional database applications in few minutes. The development process is super fast because of VisionX and some really useful features like Action wizard and GUI designer. The missing piece was the IDE integration. It was possible to use Eclipse as IDE to modify VisionX applications, live and bidirectional. The only problem was that it was not easy to find the right line of code or member to do modifications. It wasn't a big problem but it was a waste of time.

Our Plugin helps to save development time, again. The combination of VisionX with EPlug is awesome.

The name of the Plugin is EPlug (not very creative but simple). It will be available in different editions: Lite, Pro and VisionX.

The Lite edition will be free and doesn't offer full power but will be useful.
The Pro edition won't have any limits but won't interact with VisionX.
The VisionX edition adds interaction to Pro edition. It will be possible to use VisionX to jump to Source Code in Eclipse and to show changes directly in VisionX (means live live).

I've an amazing feature for you as screenshot:

Preview image (hover)

Preview image (hover)

Preview image (completion)

Preview image (completion)

Really useful :)

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