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Multi-IDE Feature for next VisionX release

Our current VisionX releases have built-insupport for Eclipse, because every new application is also a complete Eclipse project. Simply import an application in your Eclipse IDE and use all features of your IDE to develop/modify the application.

We didn't support other IDEs like NetBeans or IntelliJ IDEA because Eclipse was our preferred IDE and it's still the most used IDE. But nowadays it makes sense to support the big 3. So, why not :)

Our next VisionX release will come with support for NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA. Simply open the application and run it. No more manual project creation!

We made a short video which demonstrates our upcoming IDE support. First, an application was created in 1 minute and this application was used with NetBeans, IntelliJ and Eclipse - Open.Run.Done.

Here's the preview video:

Multi-IDE support for VisionX

Above video was made with current development version of VisionX and the next release, with version number 2.2, will be available in this summer.