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SourceForge outage and JVx

You know that we use SourceForge (SVN services) for our open source projects like JVx, Vaadin UI, JavaFX UI, Online Help and some others.

The whole platform had big problems and so we couldn't use our repositories as usual. It wasn't a real problem for us because we had backups and our local repositories were up-to-date, but it wasn't possible to build snapshots or create nightly builds.
Our build infrastructure is directly connected to our SVN repositories and so we had no chance to build our projects.

Since yesterday, all our repositories are online. We made some tests and everything was fine. We lost one full day (July, 17th) because SourceForge stopped working at July, 17th and backups were from July, 16th. But also not a problem because we had local copies.

We did some migration checkins and now, everything is online. Our SF repositories are up-to-date.
Our "nightly build" was started some minutes ago and everything was finished without problems.

So, we're back in the game.
(A big "Thank you" to all SF operators for their support, daily reports and countless hours of restoration)


We got some questions during last days and most of you asked us if it wouldn't be better to leave SF and use GitHub instead. We don't think this makes sense because such problems can happen with all providers - sure, they should never happen.

The migration effort from SF to GitHub is high and we don't have visible benefits. We know that git has some advantages compared to SVN but we don't need more than Source Code versioning and the checkin history. It's that simple. SF services aren't as fancy as GitHub services and the repository access via browser is better with GitHub, but this wasn't important for our decision.

It was important for us to use a big OpenSource provider and SF is a dinosaur in this area. We don't plan to leave SF but it's not impossible, e.g. if the environment changes.

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