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Mavenized everything

We're happy to announce that all our projects are available as Maven artifacts.
Not all of our projects are public and aren't available in public Maven repositories, but we offer our own nexus for all this projects.

Which projects aren't public?

  • Vaadin Charts UI
  • Vaadin responsive application frame
  • Application client
  • Application server
  • Application Services
  • JavaFX mobile UI
  • Oracle Forms extension

We provide snapshot and release artifacts. All other - public - projects are available via maven central as release or snapshot artifacts.

  • JVx
  • JVx EE
  • Vaadin UI
  • JavaFX UI
  • Headless UI
  • Online help
  • JVx mobile

Our private Maven repository is available on a subscription basis. This doesn't mean that our private projects aren't open source projects, but we don't offer snapshot or release artifacts for them!