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Workflow Engine for Oracle Forms

I'm happy to announce that our Workflow Engine will work with Oracle Forms.

The current state is beta but we'll release our Workflow engine in the next days. We found some time to test the integration in Oracle Forms and the result is soo cool. It works like a charm.

So it will be possible to embed our Workflow engine in your oracle Forms. It'll be possible for your users to design custom flows and processes. The engine itself is database driven and will work with your Oracle Forms application.

More details will follow in the next days, but here's a first impression:

Workflow Engine - Oracle Forms

Workflow Engine - Oracle Forms

It's a standard Oracle Forms window/canvas with our Workflow Designer, embedded as Java Bean.

Feel free to ask your questions ;-)

3 Responses to “Workflow Engine for Oracle Forms”

  1. ANIL bhatia says:

    if you have any demo /screen capture video please can you share to evalurate uisng Workflow engine for oracle forms

  2. rjahn says:

    Best would be a live demo of our workflow engine? Simply choose a date in our calendar:

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