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VisionX 5.9 is out

What a great day!

We're happy to announce VisionX 5.9. It's a really cool version.
The exact version number is 5.9.570.

The version comes with the latest release build of our react user interface and support for our latest mobile application. We recommend react UI but we still have our good old vaadin UI on board. Our vaadin UI is still a good decision and we also continue development. No worries. As we told you in VisionX 5.8 release notes, all new cool features will be available for react UI only. In latest react UI we also bundled our latest design mode feature.

We recommend the update to 5.9 of all previous versions because it's backwards compatible and you get lots of new features and all bugfixes which were reported of all VisionX users. If we release AddOn updates, we target the new VisionX version and it's not guaranteed that old VisionX versions will get the updates.

If you plan using mobile apps, also update to 5.9 because we'll release an update of our VisionX app in the next days. This app requires VisionX 5.9 or later.

An important difference to VisionX 5.8 is that you need a valid license to use our new reactUI. If you already own a license for HTML5 applications, everything is fine and if you have problems, simply send an E-Mail to our product support. Before 5.9 it was possible to use the experimental versions of reactUI without HTML5 license. Same license restriction applies to mobile applications.

What's new?

The main focus was on bugfixes, react UI and mobile.

  • Setting favicon for reactUI (fixed)
  • Popup menus with custom actions (fixed)
  • Full-text filter with only one column (fixed)
  • Storage editor default selection of current table (enhancement)
  • Support database updates (EDB, Oracle, Postgresql) (enhancement)
  • Java up to 19+ support (enhancement)
  • reactUI production ready (enhancement)
  • VisionX app ready (enhancement)

The next version of VisionX will be a feature release with focus on usability.

As usual, VisionX 5.9.570 is available in the download area for our customers.
Have fun!