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JVx 0.8 released

JVx 0.8 ist out now!

We put much time and work into the new release. It contains almost 100 improvements!

But before we go into the details, it should be mentioned that JVx is now hosted on SourceForge. This step was particularly important to us, in order to be able to develop together with our Community.

Our Forum contains detailed instructions for working together.
We appreciate any help.

Download JVx 0.8 here

What's new?

  • API changes
    • We removed set/getTableColumnNames, set/getTreeColumnNames, set/getEditorColumnNames and introduced ColumnView. Now it is possible to set a column view per UI control e.g.: ITable, ITree, IEditor, null (ALL)


      setTableColumnNames(new String [] { "POS", "PRICE"});


      setColumnView(null, new ColumnView("POS", "PRICE"));
    • DBAccess has now a static method, setAutomaticLinkColumnNameTranslation, to translate the automatic link column names into a user-defined name.Default:
      tmpAutoLinkColumnNames.put("*_id", "*");
      tmpAutoLinkColumnNames.put("*_ID", "*");
    • Changed, automatic, visible column detection from case insensitive to case sensitive, for compatibility reasons!Old:


      setDefaultIgnoredColumnNames("*_ID", "*_id");


      "*ID", "*id", "*_ID", "*_id", "*_INTERN", "*_intern"
    • Renamed countRows to getEstimatedRowCount in IStorage
  • MetaData handlingReduced client/server requests,
    Reduced creation loops on server side,
    Caching for sub storages,
    Fixed Nullable column detection,
    Client Cache roles,
    Label detection,
    Split Client and Server MetaData usage
  • SerializerUniversalSerializer is now the standard serializer,
    Support for async serialization with new TypeCache,
    Bean packages unified,
    New init method for ISerializer,
    The serializer name is now included in the connection properties
  • JNDI supportServer is now available via JNDI or Singleton
  • DB supportHSQLDB driver is now registered,
    HSQLDB locking mechanism fixed,
    Derby locking support,
    close open statements,
    Check constraint detection with 'OR', 'AND', 'IN',
    Automatic Link Column Name detection works now DB independent,
    Fetch optimization (reduced method calls),
    BigDecimal DataType contains always a BigDecimal - DB independent
  • SecurityDifferend Password algorithms (SecureHash),
    Automatic Security detection of lifecycle objects,
    XmlSecurityManager now supports more than 1 User
  • Smaller changes and BugfixesAll details are documented in our Support System or the ChangeLog

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