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JVx 0.9 - release date fixed

The next Release of JVx has the version number 0.9 and will be published on 1st April.

This version is a big milestone for us because it contains all features which were planned for version 1.0, when we started the development of JVx. In the last two years, some requirements have changed, we got a lot of feedback and therefore we changed our initial feature list.

We are very happy with the quality of the last beta releases of 0.9.

A big "THANK YOU" to all JVx developers!

The release 0.9 contains a lot of new features and database operations are significant faster than before. We made a lot of UI optimizations and fixed some design issues. Our persistence API is prepared for case sensitive databases and your UI is not affected from case sensitive changes! With server-side triggers (not DB triggers) it is very easy to move business logic from your client or database tier to your server tier - perfect separation of layers!

Our roadmap for 0.9 contained about 100 Tickets and be sure, JVx 0.9 rocks the world!