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Our new project is created and we are preparing the source upload.


What is JVx EE?

It's the integration of JPA 2.0 in JVx. Create professional backend software with JVx and use your domain model which is already available in your Java EE based web application. With JVx EE you can use the configured EntityManager and JPA implementation of your web application. Reuse your existing DAOs or EAOs without changes in your application.

With JVx EE it is possible to create a standard JVx application that is connected to your domain model, e.g.:

JPAStorage jpaAddress = new JPAStorage(Address.class);

or with a custom EAO

CustomerEAO eaoCustomer = new CustomerEAO();

JPAStorage jpaCustomer = new JPAStorage(Customer.class);

Do you need a professional backend application for your existing web frontend? Use JVx and your problems are solved. You get all advantages of JavaEE in your JVx application.

JVx EE is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Do you have any questions? Let me know.

What does JVx stand for?

We were never asked what JVx means, neither on conferences nor via social media - until yesterday!
So we simply reveal the secret.

JVx stands for: Java Application extension

Why not JAx?
JAX is a well-known conference about Java, so we were a little creative and turned the A to a V.