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Welcome RaspberryPi

I ordered a Raspberry Pi model B two month ago from RS-Components... it arrived today. It was not a problem because I had a Beagleboard for tests and JavaFX for Pi is available since yesterday.

One of my friends received a (more expensive) Pi some weeks ago and we made some tests with JBossAS 7.1 and JavaSE 7 (without JavaFX). It worked like a charm and it's cool to have a JBossAS on a Pi. But without JavaFX it was not too funny.

So, back to my Pi.

The installation was very easy: Simply read the short version of Stephen Chin or the long version.

I had some smaller problems:

  • Win32DiskImager did not work with my Laptop and the builtin card-reader, and I had no external reader
  • I didn't know the username and password for login

I solved the first problem with flashnul:

flashnul 2 -L 2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian.img

My first attempt didn't work - Raspberry Pi didn't boot (no flashing lights on my Pi - only PWR, screen was black) .... Wrote the image once again and removed the device cleanly from my Laptop - worked.

The second problem was not really a problem, but I had no idea. Used pi as username and raspberry as password (see here)

First actions after boot and setup:

apt-get update
apt-get install librxtx-java mc locate

Pi is up and running, but the image is not comparable with my Angstrom image. Some modules/drivers are missing... but that's not too important now.

My Time tracking software works on my Pi without problems. Startup time is a little bit longer as on my Beagleboard.

The next steps are some performance tests...

But Pi is definitely a MUST have.
Order your own one asap and enter the world of embedded systems with JavaFX.

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