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Welcome - JVx Vaadin UI

I'm happy to show you first impressions of our upcoming Vaadin UI for JVx :)

What is JVx Vaadin UI?

It's cool. It's modern. It's fantastic. It's the replacement of our GXT WebUI and it's back to the roots - back to Java.
Simply use your existing JVx applications and use Vaadin as UI technology.

Not clear enough?

Develop your application with JVx and start the application as Desktop application with Swing or simply run the same application with Vaadin. There's no need to change your application if want another UI technology!

GXT WebUI vs. VaadinUI?

The big difference between our existing WebUI (based on GXT) and Vaadin UI is that you can extend your application easily with Vaadin AddOns, if you want. Use the whole Vaadin universe to enrich your web application, but use JVx to be UI technology independent. There's no need to code JavaScript.

The license of Vaadin is great for business applications and 3rd party extensions.

We'll post more details about our Vaadin UI, but now it's time for some impressions. We used our good old showcase application with a picture of Hans:

JVx with Swing

JVx with Swing

JVx with Vaadin

JVx with Vaadin

Above images show exactly the same JVx application. The Vaadin version still looks like a desktop application and we're planning a new application style for web applications because MDI is not really cool in browsers...