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VisionX 1.2 - Preview II

We know that VisionX 1.2 will be #awesome because it has endless power under the hood. It'll combine productivity features with state-of-the-art technologies. The release is still planned for 2013. But we won't let you wait :)

The brand new preview version of VisionX 1.2 is available as trial and as cloud service. The preview version is not feature complete but contains a lot of new features and of course, many improvements.

A short intro

  • New html5 client based on VaadinUI
    vaadin It's awesome to design an application and see all changes live in your web application. One mouse click is enough to be amazed.
  • Mobile client support is on board

    VisionX has support for native iOS and Android apps. This is a killer feature, because you design your application and your native app is ready without additional steps. We're still working on our native apps because they aren't available in app stores. This needs some additional time. But our open source clients work without problems!

  • Super fast Oracle support

    The last VisionX versions had performance problems with (very) large databases. You had to wait about 10 minutes or more, to select a table. This was so frustrating. The performance is now better than ok. It works without delays!

  • New actions

    We have new actions for tabset and component handling, for environment access (web, desktop, mobile) and much more.

  • New events
    events event_tabs
    We have new events for work-screens and tabsets.
  • Extended reporting syntax

    Our old solution was loop oriented. Loops were used for iterating all records. You had no chance to get the value of a specific record. This is now possible. We now support following: [LOOP@storage#3][YEAR]/[MONTH][LOOP@storage#3]. This placeholder prints the value of YEAR and MONTH from the third record. The short syntax, for one single column is [storage#3!YEAR].

  • Self-joined trees

    It's now possible to create trees with self-joined tables.

  • Environment control
    It's now possible to hide specific screens on specific environments, e.g. You won't see the user-management screen with html5 mode, but it'll be available in your desktop application. Don't create new roles or new users for that, simply change environment flags via menu management.
  • New LIVE preview wizard
    preview The wizard allows html5, mobile or desktop preview and shows additional information for manually previewing applications.

    VisionX shows scannable QR Code for mobile preview mode.

  • New online help based on Vaadin

    Our new online help system supports full-text search and has a modern style.

Above list is not complete because we have about 250 changes in this version (most are new features).

Simply try the preview and send us your feedback. Every comment is welcome!

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