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Last releases in 2013

First of all, we don’t have JVx 2.0 for you. We planned it for 2013 but it wasn’t possible to finish everything.

We made some smart design decisions and put more time in our vaadin UI (especially push support) and our Liferay integration. Especially LR integration is now incredibly good. We support Live Preview of work-screens without deployment. It makes developers happy!

Sorry for the delay, but we have some nice extra features for 2.0 in the queue like buffer caching for queries.
Our plan is that JVx 2.0 will be released together with VisionX 2.0. This will happen in Q1/2014.

But don’t be sad. We have a new JVx release for you. It’s 1.2.1 (see Changelog). We also have Vaadin UI 1.1 for you (see Changelog).

VaadinUI 1.1 was built with vaadin 7.1.7. The current vaadin version is 7.1.9. We'll update to the latest vaadin with vaadin UI 1.2.

Both releases will be available on 24.12.

Merry christmas ;-)