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VisionX update release 2.2.135

The current update release of VisionX 2.2.135 is available for our customers or as trial. It's a smaller update release with two important new features:

  • Vaadin 7.4.2

    We've bundled vaadin 7.4 with our application and you can use all available features of vaadin 7.4. We currently don't use new Grid component of vaadin 7.4 because it's not implemented in our vaadin UI. We'll replace the Table with Grid as soon as possible.

  • Corporation view

    This awesome view is now available out-of-the-box. Simply enable the design via web application settings screen.

The rest are fixes for smaller bugs:

  • Support for username/password in Oracle JDBC Url
  • protected access instead of public, for DBAccess
  • Support all web setting in live preview (corporation design, navigation, mobile)
  • Support for loading resources form public content area
  • Don't delete unknown events from source file
  • Designer update for better free-form layouts

Have fun with VisionX 2.2.135.

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