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JVx 2.3 code complete

Our next JVx release is code complete (but not yet released). It was planned as smaller bugfix release but we have some cool new features, because it's sunny and warm outside :)

What's new?

  • Connection Pooling support

    This is an awesome feature for JVx - not rocket science but was missing!

  • File download via REST

    We did update RESTlet to 2.3.2 and recognized IFileHandle as transfer object. Simply call your action and return an IFileHandle and your REST client will receive the content.

  • CORS support for REST

    Just sayin'

  • WildFly deployment support

    ...Virtual Filesystem if "exploded" wasn't enabled

  • tnsnames file support for Oracle
  • Server-side call events

    It's a great feature but not for everyone of interest

We'll do some tests during the next week but it looks very stable right now.

The complete list of changes.

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