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GUI Testing with VisionX

A new AddOn for VisionX is coming :)

Our GUI testing tool

A first impression

Application tester

Application tester

The tool is a recorder for VisionX/JVx applications. It has an option to export created tests as JUnit tests which makes it easy for Software developers to integrate the GUI tests in their CI systems. It's a super easy tool with so much value for you!

The App Tester will be available in our solution store and will be an AddOn for VisionX.

If you are interested in details, leave a comment.

2 Responses to “GUI Testing with VisionX”

  1. Marco Manz says:

    Hi SibVisions-Team,

    will the new GUI testing tool be available as SDK? Will it work für Desktop and Mobile? At the moment we are working on our test-suite und we are using TestNG. Is it possible to include single parts of your tool as API?

    Best regards?
    Marco Manz

  2. rjahn says:

    The GUI Testing tool is not new. It's already available but not for free. SDK sounds more than it is, but yes, the API can be used. It's a simple library with a GUI and works with JUnit as well.
    We don't use it for native Mobile, but it works with html5. Desktop, yes. Native mobile shouldn't be a problem with our new Flutter client. The old Android and objectiveC clients won't be continued. But currently, we don't use our tool for mobile tests.

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