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VisionX EA 5.9.172 is available

VisionX 5.9.172 EarlyAccess version is available for all our customers.

The version contains our latest libraries and bugfixes. Especially react UI and flutter UI got some updates. Both UIs are included in VisionX 5.9.172.

The mobile Browser previewer app is now built with Flutter 3.7.3, the latest release. We're working on some great improvements.

In this EA version, it's possible to embedd a reactUI in an iframe with a link to a different host. It was possible to use iframes but only for the same host. Now it's possible to embedd e.g. an application which is deployed in VisionX cloud without any problems, in your homepage.

The only thing you have to do is, to add:


to the web.xml of your application, in the section of MobileServlet.

Our mobile apps, version 2.3.0, are already available in Google' PlayStore and iOS' App store.

An EA version is not intended for production use, but is perfect for development.

Have fun!

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